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With over decades of experiences and expertise in niche of Aluminium Foil we have able to gain industry know how and innovations for sustainable growth. We have vision to capture major share in exports of Aluminium Foil world wide. We develop and produce responsible packaging for food, home care and other products. We strive to be be among the greenest companies in the world with our sustainable manufacturing practices.As a socially and environmentally responsible company, we strive at all times to take the most environmentally and socially sustainable path, whilst being mindful of our staff and customer needs and requirements.

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Explore high quality, responsible packaging for
Food, Home care & other products

Standard Aluminium Foil
can be used to Grill or Freeze, easily cover up on any shape you like.Requires less efforts while baking or covering up your food.
Recycled Aluminium Foil
Lets keep our Environment Green. Food safe Foil can handle all your kitchen needs. Great for wrapping sandwiches & Burger
Food Packaging
Premium Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil is the toughest commercial kitchen foil in the range. Heavy Duty Foil that is stronger ideal for tough jobs.

Experts Preference

Super strength foil to withstand barbecuing. Resist to tear off while grilling. Comes in wide range for multipurpose bulk requirement. Ideal for Catering & Food Serving Retails Chains

Let’s commit to the

Industry leading experts has identified Aluminium as sustainable product that is good for business and better for the world around us.


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Our path to the future is by helping our customers today with competitive offers of best quality products with real time delivery.